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Let's party!

Birthdays & other Special Events

Want to plan something truly memorable for a birthday or event?  Or maybe you have a group of friends that need an excuse to get together for some fun-- or perhaps an extended family gathering?   Whatever your special event, let's make some memories!

1.  Choose a "theme" or idea for your party.  This helps narrow down the hundreds of transfers I have into manageable options to suggest to you.  It could be animals, farm, ballet, a season or a holiday.  I will plan the difficulty to the age of the group--I've had children as young as 4 successfully do chalking/inking.  

2.  Decide if you will be paying for the event (like for a birthday party), or if each individual will pay for themselves (like a get-together or meeting) 

3.  If you have a budget in mind for each person, don't be afraid to mention it.  Sometimes, I can work magic and come up with options for you.

Birthday Party Table

Just for kids

Birthday parties can be exhausting and a huge pain .... but not at PoppyChalk!

All of the "entertaining" details are done for you!

Prices vary depending on the project chosen but minimum starts at $25 per child.


Extra's you can include:  

party decorating

cake or cupcakes


Friends Making a Toast


Want to get together with friends, but don't have the room?  (Or maybe the hassle?)  I've got you!  Great for families, friends, office parties, baby showers, or just "because".  Let's make a date! 

Prices starting at just $25 per person (price dependent on project chosen)

Want catering?  This can also be added to your package!  Let's chat.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

I can't wait to start planning with you!
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